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How do I know that your company are not just over specifying equipment to maximise the value of your sale to me ?
PCM are always looking for quality products at keen prices, and have an on going process of obtaining and testing potential products from both new and established suppliers worldwide. Time and again "cheap" products fail to perform satisfactorily, even to their own manufacturers published specification, and many more fail to demonstrate an adequate peformance margin. So over the years, and helped by feedback from many of our existing customers, PCM have developed a range of products which we believe offer genuine value for money.

I do not have the details of my equipment so how, for example, could I find out the flow and pressure I need?
Phone, fax or email us. PCM have a comprehensive library of manufacturers of truck mounted equipment specifications. Stored in both manual and electronic format, this information is available free to all our customers. We have also assembled a huge product cross reference database over the last 25 years, enabling us to identify and replace even obsolete items.

Operating hours?
8.00 - 5.30 pm Mon - Thurs 8.00 - 5.00 pm Fri

Should I purchase hydraulic equipment on price or quality?
Of course price matters but when buying a product for a long service application, before considering price it is essential to specify the correct equipment. It should be noted that the cheaper the product the more the tendancy for that product to only perform near its limits at the expense of its service life. Cheap copies or near copies of established brands , where the standard of materials, manufacturing process , quality testing and inspection systems may fall well below the genuine product's standards should be avoided.

How long will it take to receive my goods after placing my order with PCM?
We hold large stocks of products so that we are able to give "off the shelf" service. Goods can be collected from our Trade Counter 8.00am - 5.30pm Monday - Thursday, from 8.00am - 5.00pm on Friday and by arrangement at other times to cover emergencies. (see "Find Us" page on this site for a location map). Goods can be despatched to you by same day or next day (am / pm options) carrier service.

Do you deliver to other countries?

PCM supply parts to customers around the world. Please contact our sales team with your enquiry for price, availability and delivery costs.

How do I pay for my order?
If you do not have a trade account with PCM then you can pay by cash, credit or debit card, bacs or chaps payment direct into the bank before goods are despatched / collected. Payment for goods over £2,500 must be paid by Bacs or Chaps direct into our bank. We cannot accept card payments for high value orders.  Please note that if you are collecting goods directly from our offices and paying by card then the credit card must be bought with you. We are not able to take credit card details over the phone and then release goods over the counter.

How do I qualify for trade discounts?
Simply by purchasing through PCM. Realistically there are no "retail" prices in our sector of the market. These are only ever quoted along side "huge discounts" as part of a sales ploy. PCM do not waste time on such selling tactics. Our prices are never other than competitive on a "like for like" basis.

Can I return goods for credit?
Customers must notify PCM within seven working days of receipt of order if goods are to be returned for credit. A returns form will be issued by PCM and this paperwork must accompany all returned items. If you already have an account with PCM, un-used goods / goods not fitted and cancelled orders can be returned for credit minus delivery / return cost and handling charge.Fitted or otherwise used goods and specially ordered items will attract further costs by negotiation. Cash customers may return goods for credit if unused, but a packing, delivery and handling charge will be deducted from the credit. Fitted or otherwise used goods or specially ordered items will not be accepted for credit.

What are your terms of warranty?
The terms and conditions of warranty are always included with delivered goods, these being in "short form" on the reverse of the delivery note. Our full terms and conditions are printed on the reverse of the invoice for the goods. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, PCM are committed to deal with this in a fair and efficient manner.

Can I fit a bigger pump to my truck to make the equipment operate faster or lift, push, compact more?
Normally, if you already have the equipment manufacturers specification (in terms of pressure and flow) being produced by the existing pump it is not advisable to increase either the pressure or flow, but if equipment is found to be operating below standard it is worth first checking the pumps actual output.

Can I get the parts required to repair my pump?
If it is a piston pump, yes you can, and it may be economical to repair. However, with a gear pump it will probably be cheaper to replace the whole unit.

Can I re-use a PTO & Pump from a different vehicle to save money, and will PCM be willing to provide information if I don't actually buy anything?
PCM are a commercial operation who live by selling products, but we also take a long term view of customer relations and are willing and able to assist existing and potential customers with cross reference information. It is vital when proposing to change a PTO from one truck to another to be absolutely sure of its compatability, which is not always possible to ascertain from visual examination of the unit. The fitting of an incorrect unit, especially a side mounted unit could cause instant and serious damage to the vehicles gearbox. To enable us to properly advise customers about unit compatability we always require the following information:- Make and type number of the PTO, the make and type number of the pump if fitted, the type of truck and the gearbox details of the truck from which the PTO has been removed, the type of truck and the gearbox details of the truck to which the PTO is going to be fitted. From the pump make and type we can determine the capacity and rotation direction of the unit to check if it is suitable for the new application. If for example it is intended to power a different equipment, this may need a different pressure and flow. If you provide the foregoing information at the time of enquiry, this will considerably help us to help you quickly and efficiently.

If I fit new units to an existing system, should I chage the oil and filter?
Yes, and its usually a warranty requirement.

My pump is working ok but it just needs a new seal on the input shaft. Can I get one from you?
Yes you can get a seal from us , we carry a full range on the shelf, but if the seal is leaking, especially on a gear pump, there may be other internal problems.

Do you sell any second-hand items?
No. PCM only supply new products and equipment

How are service intervals set?
Generally on the hours that pump equipment has run, taking into account the working environment.

Is it feasible and practical to service / repair hydraulic systems in house rather than employ a specialist company to carry out the work?
The components such as the PTO, hydraulic pump, valve,rams, motors and pipework that go to make up a hydraulic system, are engineered on the same basic principles as the rest of the vehicle. Therefore, provided that the information on the system and components is available and that the workshop has the test and service equipment required, a qualified commercial vehicle fitter would be able to undertake the work with a small amount of additional training.

What additional workshop and test equipment would be required?
Oil handling equipment able to drain, store and re-fill a hydraulic tank safely and cleanly. A pressure and flow gauge of suitable capacity relative to the equipment to be worked on. An easily adjusted relief valve and a selection of hoses and fittings to enable simple test work to be undertaken.

What is involved in PTO and pump system service operations?
Probably the most difficult part is setiing out a service schedule and identifying each task that needs to be carried out. As components such as pumps and valves should only be supplied with filtered oil, the first step would be to assess the existing equipment and check that the filtration and oil specification is suitable and that a replacement filter is available

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